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               Our first steps in the breed began in year 2000 when we welcomed at our house first pointer female - Tora. It was with her that we explored the secrets of life with pointer.

It took us 6 years to get knowledge about the specifics of the breed, because we didn't want to rely only on the knowledge gained from the literature, we wanted to gain the experience.

That's why it took 6 years to have first, so long awaited litter in our kennel.

We do our best, so that the dogs coming from our kennel grew into not only beautiful, in accordance with standard breed representatives, we also put emphasis on selection according to the character, so the puppies born at our kennel have stable and balanced temperament!

In contrast to popular beliefs pointers apart from being great hunter companion, are also great as family dogs, gentle and patient with children, intelligent and extremely fast learners.

They will find themselves in active family, they love any kind of sport activity, as well as they learn commands very quickly. Sometimes they are stubborn but with skilful and gentle handling it's easy to train them. Pointer is sensitive, that's why he feels best close to his human, always joyful and until the old age, eager to get crazy in the fields. At home he values warm place and peace.

It's a healthy breed, which visits vet really rarely :-)

Very easy to maintain. Lack of the undercoat as well as delicate coat, excludes him absolutely as a dog living outside. While in the heat of the work he does not care about any weather conditions, so during the rest he feels best in warm house next to his owner.

Today, the pointer is not only a dry field dog, skilful handling of the dog also allows you to train him in the direction of work in the water or after a shot.

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